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2022 CCR

2019 Side Mount

Richard (Rich) Shears

I’ve completed 2 courses with Joseph from Dive Addiction and both were amazing experiences. I’ve just completed my CCR MOD1 on a Choptima and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Joseph teaches everything you need to know plus more! He breaks things down in a way that is easy to understand and doesn’t mind repeating himself if you can’t get your head around it. I’ve come out of this course with so much knowledge, a certified CCR diver and with a new friend.


2021 May Basic Cave

Steven Miller

Basic Cave is the first course I have taken with Joseph after receiving recommendations from multiple people while out diving. They were all correct! Joseph is an excellent instructor who progressively built our skills without pushing too far or letting us relax too much before adding the next skill to what we had already learned. His obvious passion for diving shows and he was always willing to answer the flood of questions from a novice diver. Basic Cave with Joseph has been my most enjoyable course to date, looking forward to Cave once I have some experience. Cheers Joseph.


2018 Sep Side Mount & 

2019 June Solo

Rob Girling 

(Perth Scuba Courses)

 I can not say thank you enough, such a well drilled and easy to understand course well executed 10/10 would highly recommend Joseph, his knowledge and use of skills are 2nd to none thanks again.

On the day of the course it was particularly average weather but that actually ended up being perfect not only did it end up being a difficult first dive but it made me really have to think and use some of the skills that I had learnt over the past year and by using some of the knowledge from the course I was able to make my 2nd dive far more enjoyable also learning how to manage your gas down to the minute was absolutely fantastic.


2016 Nov Nullarbor Expedition

Don & Andre Shirley

By far one of the best trips we have ever experienced. The camaraderie, physical exercise, not to mention the diving was out of this world. Joseph is a fantastic organizer and having come from overseas with limited baggage allowance, he catered for all our needs; from camping to diving and more. We can definitely recommend Joseph if you’re thinking about diving the Nullarbor caves.  

Don and Andre Shirley.


2012 Dec Advanced OW

Jacqueline Bicanic

In the classroom he ensured I fully understood and comprehended all content before proceeding to the next stage in the course. In the water he not only confirmed I understood all subject matter but made sure I felt safe before entering the water.

All in all I had a very positive experience and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to join the diving community.


2017 - 2021 Side Mount, CCR rEvo, Basic Cave

Damien Zilm

I have now completed several dive courses with Joseph. He is an exceptional teacher, patient and very thorough providing a safe learning environment. He has an incredible passion for diving and I am inspired whenever I speak with him in or out of a course. He has vast instructor experience including tech, CCR and cave and I recommend his courses to friends every opportunity I have. My skills, confidence and safe practice has grown enormously because of his teaching. It is not possible to recommend him more highly. 


2019 Mar ANDP

Josh Antoncich

I had Joseph as my instructor for my Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures course. I had incredible fun on the course! Joseph is more knowledgeable than any instructor I’ve met. Joseph made the course fun, yet to the point and clinical at the same time which made the course serious yet very entertaining. I would recommend Joseph to anyone for their instructor. Ill be back soon! Thanks for an awesome time! 


2018 Oct Nullarbor Expedition

Patrick Widmann

I could literally not even imagine going to the Nullarbor with any other person other than Joseph. He will literally only then be happy, once he took care that everyone had good food, warm water and whatever else one could possibly need. A true legend of the outback. Besides comfort he also focuses extremely on the safety of everyone involved. An all around amazing experience.


2018 Sep rEvo Tx 45

Chris David

(Perth Scuba Courses)

Having known Joseph for a number a years and completing several technical dive courses with him I decided to continue my technical dive education and cross over into the dark side of closed circuit rebreathers under his watchful eye. Every course I’ve done with Joseph sets a new benchmark for me in terms of knowledge base and new skills learned, difficulty and most importantly, enjoyment. Anyone who’s done courses with Joseph, dived with him or even knows of him knows that nothing he does is by half measures. Whether you’re diving with him or doing a course with him, you’re in for an adventure. Fully equiped diving truck - check, coffee machine - check, outdoor classroom - check, camping at the dive site - check. All of these things together along with his knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm ensure you get the most out of your learning. Would recommend to anyone, anytime. Thanks JB!


2021 Mar Side Mount / May Basic Cave

Mark Jamieson

I took TDI Sidemount and CDAA Basic Cave with Joseph at Dive Addiction. I found Joseph instructs because he loves diving and that is important to me. He follows logical, concise progression throughout the courses and ensures you are ready to progress to the next drill. Using a GoPro, Joseph gives objective review of skills and drills, a superb addition to training. Most importantly he made the course’s great fun!


2019 Feb Side Mount / Solo

Mark Street

Joseph at Dive Addiction is a very clear and concise Dive Instructor who took the time to ensure I had complete understanding of the course requirements and additional tips and tricks.  I would highly recommend Joseph and Dive Addiction for any dive training.


2018 Oct Nullarbor Expedition

Hans C. Kaspersetz

Having previously traveled on technical diving expeditions to Madagascar, Alaska, and elsewhere I have high standards for project safety, planning, and execution. On my recent trip to the Olwolgin Cave in Australia, Joseph Bicanic did a remarkable job in executing flawlessly and keeping us comfortable.  His truly unique mobile dive center was well equipped, keeping us in the water longer and comfortable on the long transit across the desert.


Each evening he feed us until we were stuffed and we shared cold beverages under the limitless stars until laying down for a comfortable night's sleep.


As the trip came to a close, his enthusiasm couldn't be contained as we took several detours to visit other sites and attractions on the Nullabour.  He made sure we really experienced the Outback. Thank you, Joseph. It was epic and I hope that I can get back out there with you again!


2015 Nov Side Mount

Darren Bedford

Completed the side mount diver course in preparation for our nullarbor trip in 2015. Joseph was a great instructor! Very patient, passionate and knowledgable about all aspects of diving. He made the course interesting and fun and drew from his experiences to supply students with lots of information and anecdotes. 

Also loved the dive mobile with built in compressor and coffee machine...perfect for training and trips away :) i would highly recommend Joseph to any aspiring divers who want to gain further knowledge, training and experience.

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