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TDI rEvo CCR Diver Course (and options)

Welcome to the silent world of Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR) on the rEvo. There are three entry level courses available. The one most suited to you will be based on your existing diver certifications and where you want your diving to take you. The rEvo CCR is available to buy here in Perth.

rEvo Pricing P.O.A. as price is subject to changes in AUD + shipping.

Send and email to Dive Addiction for current pricing and delivery times.

Air Diluent No Decompression 30 meter course.

CCR's are suitable for recreational divers, not just technical divers. CCR diving brings the marine life to you. With no bubbles or noise the marine life treat you like another fish. No more scaring away critters with those bubbles while taking that magic shot or video.

Air Diluent Decompression 40 meter course.

CCR's are like a portable gas blending machine strapped to your back. Technical divers receive the advantage of having the best breathing mix provided at every depth thus reducing decompression obligations.

Helitrox Diluent Decompression 45 meter course.

Adding Helium to the breathing mix reduces narcosis and makes breathing easier (lower gas density). And with the reduced gas consumption, Trimix (a combination of Oxygen, Helium and Nitrogen) becomes relatively economical (45 meter Helitrox Dil Deco course).

But why choose the rEvo CCR?

  • Easy to use and easy work of breathing (WOB)

  • Simple set up (build) and break down for packing and transport,

  • Clever design with only 4 points of connection (2 for the loop and 2 for the cover)

  • Highest diver & instructor training standards of any CCR

  • 3 different sizes & 2 different finishes (s/steel or titanium)

  • CE rated to 100 meters

  • Manual, Hybrid or Electronic

  • Dual canister system (efficient cycling system)

  • rEvo Monitoring System (RMS) which predicts the life of the scrubbers

  • Shearwater controller options with rEvo Dream PPO2 monitors

Pre Course - e-Learning module (30 / 40 / 45 m course - same e-Learning course)

30 m / 40 m Schedule

Day 1 - Theory, Gear Configuration, Build the unit

Day 2 - Theory, Pool Session, 1 x Open Water Dive

Day 3 - Theory, 2 x Open Water Dives

Day 4 - Theory, 2 x Open Water Dives

Day 5 - Final Exam, 2 x Open Water Dives 

Day 6 - An additional day is allowed for in case it is required (weather conditions and the like)

(30 m and 40 m course are the same with the 40 m course requiring decompression dives)


45 m Helitrox Schedule

6 tor 7 day course depending on single or dual certification

Water skills include CCR trim and buoyancy  PPO2 monitoring, maintain minimum loop volume, bail out scenarios, BOOM drills, manual and electronic control of a hybrid unit, SMB deployment, O2 / Diluent flush, stage swapping, and much more.


1 x rEvo CCR (manual, hybrid, electronic)

Back up CCR/OC dive computer (for hybrid or electronic unit)

2 x CCR/OC dive computers for manual units

Exposure suit adequate for diving environment 

Mask, spare mask, cutting device and tec fins 

Surface Marker Bouy (with 25 lb lift) and reel of sufficient length (depth + 50%)

1 x bail out cylinder required (must be Oxygen Clean for mixes higher than 40%) with a first stage, second stage and pressure gauge as well as a stage rigging kit

Slate and or wet notes (plus pencil)

Access to a gas analyser


rEvo hire units are available

30 m no Deco and 40 m Deco courses - same price

Local shore dives included

Boat charges are in addition to prices stated.

Consumables (Gases other than air P.O.A. and sorb)

Instructors consumables are paid for by student/s

Dive planning software is an additional charge.




5 - 7 Days


2 : 1




Digital certification card

30 m No Deco


Nitrox (40%)

20 dives

40/45 m Deco

Adv Nx, Deco Procedures

50 dives

Price (AUD)


$1999 Inc GST

30m No Deco Cert or

40m Air Deco Cert

$2199 Inc GST
45m Helitrox Cert

$2299 Inc GST for Dual Certification 

40m Air Deco +

45m Helitrox Deco

Unit Price


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