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The Space and Equipment to Teach

where it counts - At the water​s edge.

Diver education starts in either a classroom or 

on-line. However it's not long before we don

equipment and head for the water. That is where our Mobile Classroom is.


Our UNDAWATER Dive Vehicle is a complete self contained classroom including:

✔︎ 330 bar compressor,

✔︎ Additional Filter for O2 clean air,

✔︎ O2 Booster (up to 200 bar),

✔︎ Gas Analysers (O2 and Helium),

✔︎ 240 volt power supply (computers etc),

✔︎ Shelter,

 ✔︎ White Board and 32" TV / Monitor

 ✔︎ And much more.


Individual schedules can be catered to suit specific needs, locations, group numbers and dates as well 

as offering the flexibility of Mid Week or Weekend Courses.

We also use our UNDAWATER Mobile Classroom as our Nullarbor Cave Diving Expeditions Vehicle offering a True Blue Aussie Outback Dive Adventure. 


Please email (contact page) to find out about our schedule and courses.


We also contract our services to Local Dive shops.

Mobile Classroom

Nullarbor Cave Expedition Vehicle

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