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Minotauro cave system by Michel Vazquez,

TDI Intro to Tec Diver Course 

Double your gas reserves with twin back mount cylinders on the TDI Intro to Tec Diver Course. Back Mount Diving is popular with Cave Divers and Wreck Divers requiring a greater gas supply than a single tank. This is an excellent course to have under your belt before entering Decompression Procedures or our combination courses.

Pre Course - e-Learning module 

Day 1 - Theory, Gear Configuration and pool session

Day 2 - 3 Open Water Dives

Water skills include learning shut down procedures, gas management, tec style finning techniques (frog / tec flutter / back / helicopter), managing back mount twin manifolded or independent cylinders whilst maintaining trim and buoyancy and performing skills.


Twin cylinders with volume appropriate for planned dive, and student gas consumption 

Two independent first and second stage regulators with one submersible pressure gauge 

Back Mount Harness and wing with power inflator with appropriate lift for configuration

Mask, spare mask, cutting device and tec fins 

Exposure suit adequate for diving environment 

Dive computer and an additional depth and timing device; backup computer recommended 

Surface Marker Bouy (with 25 lb lift) and reel of sufficient length (depth + 50%)

Slate and or wet notes (plus pencil)


Local shore dives included

Boat charges are in addition to prices stated.



2 Days


(15 w/consent) 


6 : 1

(Min 2 to run)


Open water

25 dives



Digital certification card

Pool session

Price (AUD)

$629 Inc GST

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