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TDI CCR Crossover Course

Already a certified on a Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR) and wanting to dive something different. Then the TDI Crossover Course is for you. Dive Addiction offers training on the rEvo Back Mounted (BM) hCCR and the O2ptima Chest Mounted (CM) eCCR.

Crossover Certifications.

A crossover course is designed to teach a Diver how to use another CCR at the initial user level.  A Diver with Air No Deco 30 m or Air Deco 40 m or 45 m Helitrox may be crossed over to the level of the same certification. The initial Crossover must be completed before entering the 60 m or 100 mTrimix CCR courses. 


Day 1 - Theory, Gear Configuration, Build the unit, Pool Session

Day 2 - Theory, 2 x Dives

Day 3 - Final 2 x Dives and Exam

Water Skills:

Water skills include CCR trim and buoyancy  PPO2 monitoring, maintain minimum loop volume, bail out scenarios, BOOM drills, manual and electronic control of a unit, SMB deployment, O2 / Diluent flush, stage swapping, and much more.


1 x Approved CCR

Back up CCR/OC dive computer (for hybrid or electronic unit)

2 x CCR/OC dive computers for manual units

Exposure suit adequate for diving environment 

Mask, spare mask, cutting device and tec fins 

Surface Marker Bouy (with 25 lb lift) and reel of sufficient length (depth + 50%)

1 x bail out cylinder required (must be Oxygen Clean for mixes higher than 40%) with a first stage, second stage and pressure gauge as well as a stage rigging kit

Slate and or wet notes (plus pencil)

Access to a gas analyser


Hire units available (POA)  

Local shore dives included

Boat charges are in addition to prices stated.

Consumables (Gases other than air P.O.A. and sorb)

Instructors consumables are paid for by student/s

Dive planning software is an additional charge.




3 Days


3 : 1



Price (AUD)

Digital certification card

Minimum of:

    Air Diluent 

    No Deco

    on CCR

    (not SCR)

$1249 Inc GST

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