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Human Factors (HF) In Diving

Why this online course is recommended as pre-learning for my classes:

This course emphasizes how important “human factors” are when diving which is why I recommend the micro-class as pre-learning for my classes.

Most accidents are not down to failures of equipment or ‘technical skills’ rather they are down to misdirected situational awareness, poor decision making, incorrect assumptions, miscommunications, ineffective leadership and teamwork. 

The online class provides a grounding for students to understand ‘human error’ in more detail, to recognise the essential skill of learning from failure and crucially the need to be able to talk about incidents as learning opportunities rather than being ashamed or afraid to discuss those ‘safe, scary moments’. Prediction of human error is better than error prevention which is better than error mitigation.

Click Human Factors in Diving to enrol. This is the only course in this web-site in $USD instead of $AUD.

New as at 19th November 2022 - HF is included (no additional charge) with the first Technical Diving Course Students enrol in with Dive Addiction

To maximise your training outcomes on Dive Addiction courses the Human Factors In Diving Micro Class is now a mandatory pre-course requirement when enrolling in Technical Level Courses (not introductory Tec courses). 

Course Structure 

On-Line Micro-Class (learn at your own pace) takes about 3.5 hours to complete and is broken down into 12 x 10-15 minute modules. 



3.5 - 4hours (approx)





Access to on-line micro class



Price (USD)

$97 USD
$AUD varies 

depending on the exchange rate


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